Meanwhile, other major currencies such as Ethereum (ETH), EOS, tezos (XTZ), exceeding BTC, rose 5% to 11%.

When BTC first surpassed $ 10,000 for the first time this year, analysts speculated that even bigger profits might be the No. 1 digital asset, however, today BTC dropped to $ 9,800.
Subsequently, Willy Woo, a popular analyst for Bilcoin, said Breaking Bin’s author was “a real deal”, given that “substantive investment activity is supportive.”

Meanwhile, the top ten altcoins out of the top 100 are green against BTC today.

As announced today, the “healthy distribution” of the market is upon us, as a result of the eventual decline of BTC dominance and the decline in Altcoin quality, according to rating agency and Tokening data.

In related news, the Chicago Mercantile Stock Exchange (CME Group), the major financial derivatives market, said today that January 2020 was the second best month in Bitcoin futures since its 2017 launch, averaging 10,800 contracts, 69% larger than its average daily volume in 2019 as Yes, they say, new options on Bitcoin futures are on the rise. Since launch, 466 options contracts (2,300 Bitcoin equivalent) have traded – nearly 40% as blocks, showing signs of institutional interest, CME said. He also recorded an average monthly record of 56 large open interest holders (entities holding 25+ contracts).